6 Bundled Conductor Stringing Device

Wire Seperation Device, wire tension device, and conductor stringing device is Used for 6 bundled conductor stringing to prevent the conductor from twisting under strong wind and large span between sub-conductors. It protect conductor and make the stringing work go well and easy.

Item number: 12201

Match the space between sheaves of stringing blocks: 104mm
Material of pulley: MC Nylon
Size of pulley: Φ150*Φ70*100mm, pulley through R41mm
Dimension: 786*525*150mm
Weight: 27kg

Features: with functional bolt on one side, it's easy to install the conductors with it.
Notes: 1.use two bracing wires to fix the separation device.
If you need other sizes of it for different bundled conductors stringing, please contact us for more details.


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