MARSHINE 311m Fibre Hybrid Camera Skeleton Cable Reel

This range of extremely rugged 'skeleton' cable drums is particularly suited to life on the road but also at home in a TV or film studio. They are constructed from heavy-duty, welded, steel tubing, on to which an overall passivated zinc plate is applied. A traditional two-flange type is suitable for triax camera cable, multicore audio cable and heavy-duty power cables. An innovative three-flange design is suitable for coiling and protecting the inner 'tail' of SMPTE 311M hybrid fibre camera cable. An optional combined trolley and reeling stand is available for transporting the drums.

Cable Reels

Two-Flange Reels - Triax, multicore audio and heavy-duty power cables

This is a traditional skeletal design, with space within the hub for a short length from the inner end of the cable,
which may be pulled out and connected to the tailgate or wall box without the need to unreel the cable completely.

Three-Flange Reels - SMPTE 311M HDTV fibre hybrid cables

These are a development of the traditional style drum designed, in conjunction with BBC Outside Broadcasts, specifically to accommodate SMPTE 311M fibre hybrid camera cables.

Longer lengths of fibre are generally preferred, as this avoids the need to join shorter assemblies and reduces the number of drums which must be taken to site. However, where the whole length is not required at a location, it is inconvenient to unreel the whole length to gain access to the inner (CCU) end. With copper cables it is usually possible to store the short length of the cable inner end, that is typically required to connect to a tailgate or wall box, within the hub of the drum, giving access even when the cable is not completely unreeled. The minimum bend radius of fibre hybrid cables must be strictly adhered to, if damage to the fibre is to be avoided, so it is impossible to coil the couple of metres from the inner end of the fibre, tightly, within the main hub.

The additional flange and large-diameter hub allows up to five metres of fibre from the inner end to be safely coiled and protected while the main cable is run out. The inner end can then be unwound and connected to the tailgate or wall box.

Dimensions and weight:
Type 200 400 200 300 500
MARSHINE code 39-043 39-044 39-046 39-047 39-048
  Standard Standard Triple Flange Triple Flange Triple Flange
Flange diameter: 615mm 615mm 615mm 615mm 615mm
Hub diameter: 230mm 230mm 230mm 230mm 230mm
Drum width: 180mm 270mm 240mm 295mm 330mm
Weight (1): 7.0kg 7.5kg 8.5kg 8.84kg 9.05kg
Capacities (1):          
Triax, 11-11.5mm: 200m 400m n/a n/a n/a
Triax, 14mm: 100m 200m n/a n/a n/a
Multi quad, 16.7mm: 100m 200m n/a n/a n/a
Power,16A, 13mm: 100m 200m n/a n/a n/a
Power, 32A, 17mm: 100m 200m n/a n/a n/a
Power, 64A, 30mm: 25m 50m n/a n/a n/a
SMPTE311M, 9.2mm: n/a n/a 200m 300m 500m
Note (1): Weights and capacities are approximate.

Optional accessories: The riveted series of Canford hook and loop cable ties may be permanently attached to the drum flange or cable so they are always readily available to secure the loose ends of the cable when coiled. See Index: Cable ties.

Heavy Duty Trolley and Reeling Stand

As the combined weight of a drum and cable may exceed 70Kg, a heavy-duty trolley is available. This incorporates a reeling and unreeling stand with combined shaft and crank-handle. Unlike some economy versions, this trolley is constructed from the same formed, heavy-duty steel tubing, over-plated with passivated zinc, as is used for the drums. It has pneumatic tyres, giving a smooth ride over uneven or pot-holed surfaces, door guide-troughs, ramps and small steps. Once at the reeling location, drums may be located on the combined shaft and crank-handle, within the trolley frame, for unreeling. Two 200m drums may be fitted side-by-side, allowing both cables to be run out simultaneously. Physically, the trolley will accommodate up to five stacked drums for transport, however, when the drums are loaded with cable, this may be excessively heavy. Due consideration must be given to the health and safety of the user and the capability of ramps and similar walkways to support the combined weight of trolley, drums, cables and operator.


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