Multi Section Insulated Telescopic Ladder



1. Product characters:

A:Super light:use material light epoxy resin produce,only 2.75kg/m,much lighter but stronger than the common FRP ladder which is 4kg/m.

B:high strength:can withstand 200 kg impulse per meter.Elongate may from 2m to 4m,reduce may to 60-70cm.


2. Applications:

suitable for repairs in local transformer substation overhaul,checking the meters and so on.

portable and convenient:can be placed in home car,only very small space needed for store.

FRP Ladder are made of pultruded FRP profiles. They were designed to provide that could be supplied across a range of industries and uses. And they were easy to customise ladders. They could be widely used in the family, factory, electric industry and fire protection as uphill tools and so on.


3. Advantages :

A.Non-Conductive Heat& Electric

B.Light Weight and High Strength

C.Corrosion Resistance

D.Non Slip& Waterproof

E.Wide Selection of Colors




Model Closed Length(cm) Step Step Distance(cm) Max. Load(kg) N.W(kg) G.W(kg)
JTXX-2.2m 77 6 40 150 6.1 7.5
JTXX-2.6m 92 7 40 150 7.5 8.6
JTXX-3.2m 104 8 40 150 9.8 11
JTXX-3.6m 107 9 40 150 11.2 12.6
JTXX-3.8m 127 10 40 150 12.5 14

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