Wire Harness Winding Retractable Electric Cable Reel Drum


Our Earth Wire Self-Gripping Clamps can be used to firmly grip the copper core wire, the stranded wire, and some others.

1. With large coiling capacity, the cable drum can coil cable or hose of large specification from long distance;
2. Long service life, reliable operation;
3. With torque adjustment and interlocking control device, it's convenient to adjust the coiling strength, and flexible to coil and release;
4. Electric energy is transmitted by the structure of collector slip ring carbon brush, the power supply is continuous and stable.
5. Reverse running is available, it's convenient to change cable.


To support the Transmission work, Marshine Power has Tubular Gin PoleCome Along clampwire rope pulley blocknylon sheave hoisting tacklehydraulic cable puller and tensioner ,conductor installation devices all are OEM and professionally produced per ISO 9001:2008, which are being sold to over more than 50 countries in the world. Some items like emergency restoration tower and crossing structure, we can customized, and the safety tools and accessories, are not demanded the MOQ. You can freely help you out either Tech issue or Products requirements. Pls approach us. Thanks.



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