High Quality Earth Auger Drill Planting Earth Auger


Say goodbye to manually digging post holes thanks to the earth auger.This auger is light weight, powerful, and easy to use. With
easy assembly, and convenient manual recoil start, the earth auger can start drilling holes in no time. The auger features a
engine with a bit speed up to for quick and efficient drilling. An different drill bit is included with this auger. The auger head
can be purchased separately. This auger is outfitted with a translucent fuel tank that lets you easily keep an eye on fuel levels
while the ergonomic butterfly handles allow for comfortable in-use balance. The earth auger helps with simplifying your outdoor
work load. It is perfect for digging holes for fence posts and plants and digs through even the toughest soil. The auger comes
with two open end wrenches, a spark plug tool, and a small bottle of premix oil. This auger is compliant and EPA approved and is
backed by a two year manufacturers warranty.

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