GSSXJ100 Steel Wire Rope Hydraulic Receiving Machine


Tractive Steel Wire Rope Number


Maximum Tractive Steel Wire Rope Diameter


Maximum Receiving Speed

5km/h  corresponding traction: 1000KN

Maximum Paying-off Tension Speed

5km/h corresponding tension: 1200N

Maximum Imput Operating Oil Pressure

12Mpa corresponding flow:25L

Matching Reel Stand Diameter

Ф1.1m, Ф1.2m, Ф1.4m Width:560mm

Matching Oil Tube Quantity/Length

2 x 12m

Matching Oil Connector

1/2`Quick Change Connector

Working Dimension

1.85m x 1.3m x 1.5m

Product Dimension

1.4m x 1.5m x 0.75m

Whole Weight


Mainframe Weight


Reel Stand Axle Weight


Uses: This is a kind of steel wire rope  receiving machine for supporting to tensioner, dual-use

          tensioner-traction machine and tractor-type machine in moutainous and hilly land area.

Features: 1. Tension stringing or traction pull with continuously variable mechanism transmission

                    and over load protection.

                2. Automatic shift between traction and tensioning operations.

                3. Easy to operation and maintenance with light weight.

                4. Automatic arrange-line and loading or unloading reel stand without hoisting machine.

                5. Improving work efficiency and reducing the work intensity of workers on stringing




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