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Tractor Crane Tower Erection Tools with Earth Auger
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Tractor Crane Tower Erection Tools with Earth Auger 

Tractor Crane Tower Erection Tools with Earth Auger





This device has the function of digging ,vertical pole, put line ,bulldozing ,grinding, traction, referred to as the put line integrated machine,widely used in electric power ,telec-ommunications,municipal energingconstruction,planting trees,cement poles pit digging ,solar photov-olatic power generation project in solar panel rack ,screw pile,vertical drilling rod,ditching,put line,backfill soil,ground of traction and lifting 3-8Tobject,is the ideal choice for individuals and units of construction eq-uipment.Suitable for all kinds of terrain.the losser layer,clay layer,containing pebbles,grave soil, weathered rock and soil,frozen soil building garbage,backfill sand,garbage layer



1. Have four hydraulic stabilizer legs, with cross-country 2 or 4 wheel-drive, with wide tires

2. 360° rotation gear motor, hydraulic hoisting and drilling system, combining the auger drill rig with crane, one equipment can realize the drilling and pole uprighting work, more efficient and cost-effective.

3. YTO tractor as power, strong enough , strong cross-country power. Fully hydraulic driving. Full-automatic put and upright the pole.


Benefits of Pole Erection Machine

(1) Huge cost saving , very high speed of work and reduce the burden of labor management

(2) Eliminate the prevailing labor problem completely thus leads to project on time execution.

(3) High production capacity with proper planning and execution per shift of 8 working hours,

(4) which can complete the pole installation of 25 to 30 poles per shift by two labors only.

(5) Pole erection working can be done by two labors only against the current manual practice of 12 to 14 labors.

(6) Takes a little time to make a pit against the time taken by manual labor is 5 to 6 hours.

(7) Cost Saving for contractor.



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