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Basket Spool (BS 300) for MIG Welding
Structural Steel Spoke Reels for Cable Machine
MARSHINE  311m Fibre Hybrid Camera Skeleton Cable Reel
OEM Take Apart Collapsible Steel Wire Rope Reel
Double Layer Cable Reels with High Speed
Customized  Professional Steel Cable Drum Bobbin
High speed Flat Empty Cable Spool
Standard hydraulic cylinder double acting hydraulic jack
High Pressure Manual Pump with Pressure Gauge Adapt
Pedal Pump of Hydraulic with Less Oil Capacity
High Quality Wire Cable Conductor Stripper
High Performance Wire Mesh Socks
GRP Cable Ladders Trays and Support System
Open End Cable Pulling Grip Wire Pulling Sock
710 Double Flange Diameter Cable Reel Roller
Pressed Steel Reels
Zinc Plated Skeleton Cable Reel
Punching Pressed Steel Reel
Mechanical Simple Reel Payout Stand
Cable Reel Lifting Device Wire Pulling Stands
Hydraulic Drum Jack Cable Reeling Machines
Flexible Simple Payout Reel Stand
Double Pulley Fiber Optical Cable Replacer
Cable Pulley Block for Stringing OPGW
Single Wheel Nylon Pulley Block for OPGW
Stringing Block Recover Damper Machine
Electric Ratchet Cable Cutter Rechargeable
Electric Hydraulic Cutting Wire Steel Strand Bolt Cutters
Nut Breaker Hydraulic Nut Splitter Bolt Cutter
Compression Dies Outside Diameter of Aluminum
Full Body Adjustable Fall Protection Safety Harness
Petrol Gas-Powered Single Cylinder Light Weight Chain Saw
Lithium Battery Safety Rechargeable Angle Grinder
Multi Section Insulated Telescopic Ladder
Portable Rechargeable Rotary Hammer Drill
Cordless Portable Rechargeable Electric Wrench
Anti-Fall Safety Device Retractable Fall Arrester
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Basket Spool (BS 300) for MIG Welding 

Basket Spool (BS 300) for MIG Welding


This kind of wire basket spool is made of copper drawn steel wire, diam. 4.0mm, and the precision is controlled within ±0.02mm. This very precise spool offers stability and accuracy during high-speed winding and unwinding on facilities such as full-auto winding machines and full-auto welding machines, and moreover, could also increase productivity by 10%. Metal spool meets present and future demand of environmental requirements, as no detrimental gas or residue would be produced when it is melted for recycling. And the plastic coating would decompose mainly as steam. The disposal cost would be lower.


 More dimensions according to your drawing.

To support the Transmission work, Marshine Power has Tubular Gin Pole ,  Come Along Clamp Wire Rope Pulley Block Nylon Sheave Hoisting Tackle Cable Mesh Sock Grip Line Stringing Swivel - all are OEM and professionally produced per ISO 9001:2008, which are being sold to over more than 50 countries in the world. Some items like  Emergency Restoration Tower And Crossing Structure , we can customized, and the  Safety Tools And Accessories , are not demanded the MOQ. You can freely help you out either Tech issue or Products requirements. Pls approach us. Thanks.



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