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7.5kn Cable Tensioner Stringing Equipment
Tension Stringing Equipment 2X40kn Hydraulic Tensioner
Hydraulic Tensioner Wheel Cable Pulling Equipment
8 Ton Hydraulic Cable Tensioner
Transmission Line Double Drum Power Walking Tractor Puller
Gasoline Engine Take-up Winch Machine
Diesel Engine Powered Cable Pulling Winch Machine
Walking Tractor Cable Winch Puller
5Ton Gasoline Engine Wire Take up Pulling Winch
Honda Capstan Rope Winch
Conductor Earth Grounding Wire Cable Pulley Block
Honda Petrol Powered Capstan Winch
Safety Tools Electrical Insulating Rubber Sheet
6HP 4 Ton Cable Winch Puller with Gasoline
Grounding Pulley Earth Stringing Blocks
Sharp Flat Bending Crowbar
High Speed turning direction stringing blocks
Lifting Floor Pole Screw Ground Anchor Earth Drill
Manual Hand Lifting Chain Pulley Block
Line Construction Tower Erection Tools Universal Steel Pile
Stringing Equipment Metal Ground Anchors
Construction Traction Lifting Floor Anchoring
High Strength Aluminum Alloy Electrical Gin Pole
Aluminum Alloy Tubular A-Shape Tower Gin Pole
Aluminum Alloy Tower-Mounted Tubular Small Gin Pole
Dia 180mm Wheel Nylon Roller
High Performance Big Aluminum Wheel Pulley
Large Diameter Bundled Conductor Pulley Block
Construction Pilot Wire Aerial Helicopter Stringing Blocks
ACSR Conductor Single Sheave Stringing Block
Double Sheave Easy-Using Tandem Sheave Stringing Block
Aluminum Nylon Crossarm Mounted Stringing Block
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7.5kn Cable Tensioner Stringing Equipment 

7.5kn Cable Tension Stringing Equipment for construction in mountainous areas.



This Winch Type Hydraulic Brake Tensioner prominently features light weight, which is especially convenient for construction in mountainous areas.

1.Adopt retarding with hydraulic pressure.
2.Light and convenient for line construction in mountainous area.



Technical Parameters


Item Number




Maximum Tension (kN)


Maximum Linespeed (km/h)


Bullwheel Bottom of Groove Diameter (mm)


Dimensions (mm)

2300× 1250× 1620

Weight (kg)








To support the Transmission work, Marshine Power has Tubular Gin PoleCome Along clampwire rope pulley blocknylon sheave hoisting tacklehydraulic cable puller and tensioner ,conductor installation devices all are OEM and professionally produced per ISO 9001:2008, which are being sold to over more than 50 countries in the world. Some items like emergency restoration tower and crossing structure, we can customized, and the safety tools and accessories, are not demanded the MOQ. You can freely help you out either Tech issue or Products requirements. Pls approach us. Thanks.


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